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Nextear - Wireless earphones


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Wireless Bluetooth Connectivity

No cables! The wireless earphones connect to your smart device via Bluetooth 4.0

4-hours Battery Play Time

4 hours continuous play back before you need to recharge

On the go recharge

Charge your earphones on-the-go in the revolutionary, multi-use case. Batteries fully charge in just 40 minutes!

Music sharing

Pair two sets of Nextear earphones to one phone and share what your listening to with your friends.

Multi-fit Cable to charge any device

Recharge your phone or tablet anywhere from the smart case built in battery. Just plug the multi fit cable into any of your devices to start charging.

Connect all your devices

The in-built multi-fit cable fits any smartphone or tablet as well as any full size USB which means you can connect to all your different devices without carrying any bulky cables.

In-built LED light

The convenience of a high power LED light built into the smart case.

16GB storage built into the smart case

Plug the multi-fit cable into your phone or computer and you can watch videos or listen to music without filling up your device’s memory.

Ergonomically designed earphones

Arguably the smallest on the market – Only 14.2mm wide and 19.5mm long

Studio Quality Sound

Studio quality sound – the ultimate audio experience for music buffs

Radar function to find lost earphones

Don’t worry if you forget to put the ear buds back in their case you can use the Nextear app to find them with the NEXTEAR RADAR function.

Accessory kit also available

An ever expanding range of accessories to suit the way you use your Nextear wireless earphones.


On the go recharge via the smart case

Multi-fit cable means you can charge any device

4 hours of play | Recharge in the smart case in under 40 minutes

Arguably the smallest earphones on the market

Convenient smart case is a hub for earphone and file storage, recharging, connecting and much more…

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