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What is the sound quality like?

The sound quality from the balance Armature speaker gives super strong base notes with crystal clear highs for the most complete sound giving an awesome listening experience. The sound is comparable or better than most of the top brand earphones.

What is the latency like?

You will not even notice the latency when watching movies or playing games on your phone or computer.

What is a balanced armature speaker?

A balanced armature is a sound transducer design primarily intended to increase the electrical efficiency of the element by eliminating the stress on the diaphragm characteristic of many other magnetic transducer systems. It consists of a moving magnetic armature that is pivoted so it can move in the field of the permanent magnet. When precisely centered in the magnetic field there is no net force on the armature, hence the term ‘balanced.’

What distance is the Bluetooth range?

The Bluetooth range is rated at 10m. But in some cases will be strong signal for a little further.

What size are the earbud rubbers?

Nextear comes with small, medium and large interchangeable earbuds.

Do they come in different colors?

Yes, Nextear will come in different colors.

Which colors will Nextear come in?

After the launch finishes we will send out a survey on a variety of colors and the most popular colors will be picked and then manufactured.

How do I pick a color?

Once the colors are decided from the survey we will contact you regarding the color you will like.

What type of Bluetooth does it have?

The earbuds have Bluetooth 3.0 and 4.0

How much do the earbuds weigh?

The earbuds weigh approximately 5 grams.

What material are the earbuds made out off?

The earbuds will be machined out of aluminum for a dynamic and high precision finish.

How long do the batteries in the earphones last?

The batteries in the earbuds will last up to 4 hours continuous playback.

How long does it take to recharge the earphones?

The earphones will completely recharge in under 30mins.

How big is the battery in the earphones?

It has a 50Mah battery.

How long do the batteries in the case last?

The battery in the case will recharge the earbuds 4 times as well as nearly completely recharging your mobile phone.

How big is the battery in the case?

It has a 1000Mah battery.

How long will the case charge my phone?

This depends on your mobile phone, it should recharge your phone in the same time frame as your manufacturer’s supplied phone charger.

How does the 16 GB Memory work?

To use the 16 GB Memory you unplug the red cable which has the Full size USB connector, lightning connector and Android connector, you the plug the suitable connector into the device you’re using and follow the prompts.

What can I use the 16 GB memory for?

You can use the 16 GB Memory to watch movies on your device straight from its memory without filling up your device’s memory. You can also use it as any other mass storage device for music, movies, documents, photos and any other files.

Can it charge my iPhone 6?

Yes with the built in lightning connector plugged into your phone and the USB connected to the case.

Can it charge my android phone?

Yes with the built in Android connector Plugged into your iPhone and the USB connected to the case.

How do I know how much charge the case has?

The Blue led lights on top of the case will indicate battery charge of the case. Full charge all lights will be lit up. Little charge less lights will be lit up.

How do I charge the case?

To charge the case unplug the full size USB connector and plug it into any charge USB port. Like you mobile phone wall charger or your computer or laptop.

How do I use the LED light?

To use the LED light you push the switch on the side of the case forward, to turn off the light push it backwards.

What is the size of the earbuds?

The size of the ear buds are 19.5 mm in length and 14.2 mm in width.

What is the size of the recharge storage case?

The size of the storage case is 46 mm in width, 92 mm in length and 21 mm in depth.

How much does the Recharged case weigh?

The case empty will weigh about 48 grams.

Can I buy Nextear in stores?

Nextear team is working with some large consumer stores that Nextear will be available in after manufacturing.

Can I buy Nextear online?

Yes you will be able to buy Nextear from Indiegogo during the launch and then they will be available on our website after the launch is finished.

What price will Nextear be in stores?

The RRP will be $263 USD

What is the Retail Reserve Price?

The RRP will be $263 USD

What comes in my Nextear Package?

You will receive your Left and Right earbuds, the rechargeable case with 16 GB memory and all male connectors, small, medium and large rubber ear inserts the warranty card and packaging.

What comes with the Nextear accessories?

Nextear backers Neck lanyard and the Nextear case belt clip.

Does Nextear have warranty?

Yes, Nextear come with 1 year Manufactures fault warranty.

How do I use the warranty?

Once you unbox your new Nextear earphones you must go to and register your Nextear wireless earphones to validate your warranty. In the event you have a manufactures fault you can make a claim on the Nextear website.

How much is shipping?

Worldwide FREE shipping for one set!!! For two sets their is a $15 fee and for ten sets their is a $100 fee.

What is the expected delivery date?

October 2015 is our goal to ship Nextear to our Indiegogo backers. Then 2 months later will be available in stores.

How does it stay in your ear?

During normal casual activities you fit them into your ear like any other rubber tip earphone. During fitness activities you place them in the ear lock that will hold them tight into your ear.

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