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New Update 29/10/2015

By October 29, 2015 Earphones No Comments

Hi everyone,

I was over with our manufacturing partner last week to see how the manufacturing of the earbuds was going and to also trying find a potential new supplier for the case batteries to try speed the case manufacturing along.


Here are some photos of the first production run of PCB’s for the earbuds and some phots of a couple assembled earbuds. Notice the two different style ear tips. Nextear will come with 3 sizes of the tri tips and 3 sizes of the bullet tips and the ear locks.


Whilst I was there I had meetings with three other suppliers for the case batteries. Sadly none of them could do the same 1000 recharge guaranty that our original supply could do. So we have decided to wait for the original supplier to fulfil the order.


What does this mean in terms of time frame?

Case batteries are supposed to leave the suppliers factory on the 17th of November they should arrive at our factory 7 working days later the 26th of November. After this time we need to get them set up in the production line and test the line with a couple 100 pcs then test the assembled pcs. From here if it’s all ok we manufacture the remaining pcs needed to send out to our Indiegogo backers and all other pre orders.

By around the 30th of December we should be sending out our first Nextear devices to our backers.


We will be shipping out orders in order of the dates they were made so our early supporters will received theirs first then through all the Indiegogo backers onto all people that have ordered on our website.


I have had a few people say yes to the webinar questions so i will organize that for a possibly 20th November at around  7pm AEDT  UTC+11hrs for around 3 hrs i will be there to answer any questions. This gives time for people to organised to make it.
Please let me know in comments if most of the people interested are ok with this.


Please see below the new full specifications of the Nextear device you will be receiving.


Size – Left: 18mm long x 15 mm wide, Right: 20mm long x 15mm wide, Shape is tapered so the device is only 15mm wide at one point then it is thinner at both ends.

Case – 18.5mm thick x 92mm long x 49mm wide


Weight case – about 40 grams

Weight earbuds – about 5 grams


Case battery capacity – 2500mha

Earbud Battery capacity – 2 x 50mha (one in each earbud)

Battery life Earbuds – Total possible play back is 70hrs this is reached by the use of the 20 recharges from the case. Standard play time from one recharge is 3.5 hrs (This can go longer depending on how the devices is being used.) If the case is used to charge a phone the recharges available will be reduced.

Charging time – Earbuds fast charge technology 30min recharge time. Case takes 2 to 3 hrs to recharge depending on the power source.


Speaker – Balanced Armature Speaker driver 8mm Diameter

Sound –  Impedance 16Ω , Frequency Response 20Hz-30KHz, Sensitivity(S.P.L) 94.5± 3dB at 1mW / 1KHz 0.126V,  Total Harmonic Distortion (T.H.D) Less Than 1%, Latency 40 milliseconds ± 3ms

Sound description – Very clear sound with great dynamic range equivalent of high end wired earphones.



Bluetooth – Bluetooth 4.0

Right earbud – stereo sound and Microphone for voice calls

Left earbud – stereo sound

Coding – aptX for premium sound quality for coding and decoding, CVC to optimize microphone sound quality for the best of hands free phone calls.


Case functions – Charge the earbuds. Charge mobile phones iPhone and Android devices. Expandable SD storage up to 200 GB of media that can be used directly on your phone Android and iPhone and Computer can be secured by passwords. LED light for connivance.

Case comes with 16GB SD card.


Multi-function cable that can be used as carry hook – One end is full size USB, One end is Micro USB, and in the holder clip is a OTG adapter for iPhone.


User instruction manual in the following languages with diagrams – English, Chinese, Japanese’s, Arabic, French, Italian, Spanish and online instructional video.